I scored a couple of $10 plane tickets to Malta with Ryanair. Why not? It was a nice little break. We stayed in Buggiba Beach in a pretty crappy hotel. It was $23 a night for two people with Breakfast and Dinner included. For that price our expectations were low. Surprisingly, it wasn’t so bad.

The weather was nice and sunny. It was quite windy. Everyone we met was nice. Surprisingly, the prices of groceries seemed a bit cheaper than in Slovakia. I found this strange considering Malta is an island.

There were quite a few British and Irish pubs and bars in the area. The prices were comparable to other parts of Europe. A pint of Cisk Beer could be found for 2.50-3.50. We ate fresh pastizzi (Maltese meat pies) from Sphynx for 50 cents each.

Hotel Stalag

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