Pečnianský Forest and the Iron Curtain

Yesterday we went for a walk in the Pečnianský Forest in Petržalka, Bratislava.

We took the #80 bus from Kollárovo Námestie (80 cents) to Einstenova at the base of the Incheba Building. A wee bit north of there is a paved levee trail that runs along the Danube. We walked west for around 3.5km, crossing under the Lafranconi bridge. There are also steps to this bridge.

Eventually we got to Bunker B-S 1 “Štěrkoviště” (Gravel pit). The bunker is open and east to explore. It was constructed in 1937. There are many bunkers like this all over the south side of the city.

Continuing a few hundred meters the trail turns left towards the south and runs parallel to the Austrian border for most of it. This area is where East met West and many of us know it as the Ïron Curtain. There are a few cuts through the forest where you can go up to the border. You can actually see the red and white concrete border markers from most of the trail.

Google Maps has it all wrong and would have you walking out of the way to get to these places. Bunkers B-S 2 and B-S 3 can also be visited along this same trail, though they are a bit deeper in the growth than B-S 1.

Continuing south you will eventually see Bunker B-S 4 Lány (Girl) on the left just north of a field. Google Maps seems to think we need to get on the highway 61 and cross into Austria to get there. This is wrong as there is an unpaved trail just north of the field.

Bunker B-S 4 Lány (Girl) has been preserved and is a museum area. This means it has been renovated and is well preserved. Unfortunately, this also means you cannot explore, crawl, climb it like you can with B-S 1.

After checking out this area with all the preserved border fortifications, we walked back onto the levee and headed south to start our way back to the city. We had to cross Highway 61 and try not to get hit by the cars. On the south side there is a sidewalk between the guardrail and the fence. We began our walk east into the city where we caught a #80 bus at Kapitulský dvor.

You can check out some video here:

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