We took a walk up to Rača in the northern part of Bratislava. Initially we just wanted to get out of the house. At this time we are confined to the city limits due to restrictions. Fortunately, there is plenty of Bratislava to see with new surprises every day.

We found an unmarked passageway with the gate half open and decided to take a look. We found an old pedestrian crossing over the railway line. Unfortunately it was locked so we could only enjoy it from a distance. We continued north where we discovered city vineyards and an evangelical church.

Rača lies at the southeastern foot of the Little Carpathians. It was first mentioned in 1245. The land around the settlement of Recha (Rača) up to Čierna voda, was given to the landowners Lelka and Peter and their sons. They received this area as a reward for building a castle watchtower and also for exemplary guard service at Bratislava Castle. Grapevines were grown here since Roman times. This area was part of the privilege of King Andrew III who in the thirteenth century, liberated Bratislava vintners from paying taxes. Since 1767, Rača is known by its’ home-grown variety of red wine known as Račianska Frankovka.

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